AC/DC – Back In Black

So I just spent the last couple of hours getting everything straightened out on the Random Record Ramblings blog. I started off this new series a little unorganized, so I needed to spend some time today getting the records posted in proper order. Hopefully going forward from here we’ll be on track.


Anyway, today’s CD is AC/DC’s 1980 juggernaut of a release ‘Back in Black’ a record the launched the band into legendary status and in many ways killed the band’s creativity moving forward. In mine and many other people’s opinion AC/DC never managed to write another record that had any sort of originality to it. It seemed every album after ‘Back in Black’ was one after another lame attempt to recreate this record.


Though ‘Dirty Deeds’ was my introduction to the band, ‘Back In Black’ was the first AC/DC tape that had made its way into my collection during the summer months of 1984 when I was just beginning my musical obsessions. It would be my favorite AC/DC album for several years before I discovered ‘Highway To Hell’. Though classic rock radio has absolutely killed a number of tunes from this record (I don’t even need to say which ones do I?) I still think it’s one of their strongest records and easily the best effort with Brian Johnson.


Speaking of Brian Johnson, just prior to writing this review I had a conversation on how much Bon Scott had to do with this record. Well according to Wikipedia, the band had pretty much written all the music and had rehearsed some of the material with Bon Scott. But after he passed away, they decided to not use any of his ideas so as to not seem they were trying to profit from his death. So Johnson was tasked with the job of writing all his own vocal melodies and lyrics. But it has been well documented that Scott’s memory hung heavily on those recording sessions and in many ways his influence is all over the record. So it really doesn’t matter whether or not any of his lyrics or melodies were used, the record is still all about him.


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