AC/DC – Let There Be Rock

So, my sleep schedule is still all messed up, but rather than have it get in the way of my life, I’m just rolling with it. Sure, I slept from 2 pm until 10 pm last night after being awake for 37 hours (for no reason) no need to let get in the way of the stuff you got to do, right? Today is going to be spent clearing out some crap that’s cluttering up my space for too long. All sorts of things got to go, and today will be spent rearranging some stuff and getting rid of some more.

Though I won’t be getting rid of it today, the record I’m listening to this morning, AC/DC ‘Let there Be Rock’, is on the short list of records in my vinyl collection that I will be letting go some time here. The reason I will be getting rid of this copy is basically it doesn’t meet my standards for the conditions I like my records to be in. I’ve owned this copy since the fall of 1987 when I was in 7th grade. Back then I had a crappy record player than essentially ruined every record I played regularly. I was 13 yrs old and didn’t know any better. Though this wasn’t one of my favorite AC/Dc records back then, my music collection was still rather small at the time, so I listened whatever I had quite a bit. And because of that, this copy rather worn and sounds all distorted, so it needs to be replaced.

Whether I replace it with a re-issue or an original depends on which one I come across first that I’m willing to spend the money on at the time. AC/Dc isn’t necessarily high on my need to collect everything from just yet. But eventually, I’ll get around to replacing this copy.


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About Dc3 Pratt Productions

My name is Dave and I play at being in the music business. I'm a stagehand, backline tech, musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, videographer, photographer, journalist and graphic artist. In other words, I have a low-level industry job, a few consumer based production programs, a smart phone, a decent computer, and a few other accessories for creating music and video projects and have a basic grasp of how to use all them. I mainly write music reviews of my own record and CD collection, but I occasionally produce some music with horrible videos to go along with them that I post to YouTube, that next to no one watches beside a handful of close friends and family. I've created this sort make-believe record company as a forum to house all of my artistic creations. Mainly so I can direct my friends and family to a single place to check out my stuff if they want. I have no skills or talent in any of these creative endeavors I dabble in but continue to do them anyway. Hopefully, someone will find a use for them, but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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