– ’74 Jailbreak

So, I woke up with the song ‘Jailbreak’ in my head this morning, which makes sense because that is the next record on my list of titles to babble about. From this point forward all my AC/DC albums in my collection are just reissued EP’s, a couple of live records and a box set of unreleased material. The first being ”74 Jail Break’.


Originally released in 1984 ”74 Jailbreak’ is a short 5 song collection of tracks from the bands earliest days. I believe most of the material on this collection was originally recorded for the first Australian release ‘High Voltage’, which is not to be confused with the band’s first international release ‘High Voltage’ which initially released in Australia as ‘TNT’ before it was picked up by a major label released worldwide under a different title. Confused? Well, you should be because it is sort of hard to follow, and shows how different things were in the 70’s when it came to international record sales. (note: I can be completely wrong with this timeline thing, it’s been awhile since I looked this stuff up.)


So, I remember seeing this record in the various department stores and record shops I used to regular throughout my prepubescent years, but never wanted to buy it because it was it was so short, and not that much cheaper than a full-length record. Money for music was very limited for me back then, so I had to really think about what I asked for or spent my own money on. And it just never seemed to worth it to spend money on EP’s back then.  So, besides the title track I never really heard any of these tunes until about 6 years ago, when I discovered the whole down loading thing. Even then I didn’t really give it to much attention until a few years ago when I bought it and a couple of other AC/DC records online for some crazy deal. Since then I have listened to it quite a bit a really like it. Though a few times it’s been for the hell of it, quite a few of those spins were due to me trying to cover it in some lame ass attempt at another review series. Which is the exact reason I’m listening to it right now.


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