AC/DC – Live

So I have about a half hour/45 minutes before I have to head into the shop for an hour or two, figured I’d at least get this write up out of the way before I have to leave. Todays record is AC/DC’s 1992 live two disc set simply called ‘Live’. Though a copy of this CD was in my house during my high school years, I was never interested in listening to it at the time. In fact I have no memory of ever actually listening to it, though I’m sure I must have heard it before because of my brother and his friends. It apparently left no impression on me.

In fact the only reason I own the vinyl version of it now is because it was part of a deal on this website Pop Market where it came with ”74 Jailbreak’ and ‘If You Want Blood You Got It’ for dirt cheap. I really only wanted the other two titles, so this one was just sort of a bonus (that I didn’t want). I think I have only played the record a few times in the last three years, and only then for review purposes. I just never want to listen to a live AC/DC record from this era. 
Now that’s not to say this isn’t a quality live album at all. In fact it’s pretty damn good for what it is. I think it was recorded during the 1991 ‘Razors Edge’ world tour, and though they put out one shit record after another during this time period, they were still a kick ass band live. And these recordings prove that. The bands is tight and sound great and there is ton of energy on every song. Plus Brian Johnson voice hadn’t took a worn out yet and he sounds great delivers a killer performance on every song, both Scott era songs and his own. My only issue with it is there are a ton of lame mid 80’s and early 90’s songs on this record. If you were trim down to the songs I like, it would probably fit on one disc nicely. Of course you can’t do that with vinyl. I could do that iTunes of course, but that’s more effort I’m willing to put into it. I’d rather just listen to ‘Let There Be Rock (The Movie) and for sake the few Johnson songs I like than go through all that.


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