Aerosmith – Rocks

Aerosmith – Rocks


If you read yesterday’s review of ‘Toys in The Attic’, you pretty much know exactly what I have to say about today’s record ‘Rocks’. Because I feel pretty much the same way about it. Great record, lots of good tunes. But a few have been overplayed on the radio so I’m rather sick of them. But when listening to them in the context of the record they’re not so bad. Admittedly the radio/greatest hits songs from this album (‘Back in The Saddle’ and ‘Last Child’) aren’t quite as overplayed as some of the songs from earlier records. Which makes it a better listen.


Funny thing is, there are a couple of songs from this album that I knew years before I ever heard this record. Either by samples or it being covered by another band. The first song being ‘Nobody’s Fault’ which bay area thrash legends Testament covered on their second record ‘The New Order’. It’s a killer song and Testaments version is awesome. I loved it from the first time I saw the video for it back in 1989. But I never bothered to hunt down the original to comparisons, which is something I used to do all the time. But back then resources available to me to conduct such research were limited. Translate, I either had to figure what record it came from by asking someone I knew who would know, or go through all their albums at the record store and figure what record it came from. Once I knew where it came from, I then had to either borrow or buy the record/CD/tape in order hear the song.


For whatever reason, I have no memory of even trying to figure out what record it came from. I’m sure I was told at some point, but I never pursued it. If you’ve been paying attention to these write ups, then you know I pretty much lost interest in this band by the time I would have heard Testaments cover of ‘Nobody’s Fault’. So, it’s unlikely I would have spent more than a few bucks on a record or tape of theirs. But I would have borrowed a tape or CD if it was available to me. Which I don’t remember ever having that opportunity. But thinking back on it now, I hung out with quite a few people who were sometimes up to ten years older than me, who probably knew where I could find the song and would have at least played the song for me. So, I’m guessing the real reason why I never managed to check out the original because I wasn’t that interested in making it happen.


The other song from this record that I was vaguely aware of, but never heard the original was ‘Sick as a Dog’. This time though it was only in the form of a sample of the closing guitar riff, and it was much closer to the time that I heard the original version, maybe a less than a year. Supersuckers bassist and front man Eddie Spaghetti put out a solo record of cover tunes somewhere in the early to mid-2000’s. As a bonus track on this CD is a song called ‘Sick as Dog’ which is essentially a cheesy Casio drum loop with Eddie’s then 4-year-old son Quarto, “rapping” over the drum beat about being…well ‘Sick as Dog’. In that tune, a sample of the closing riff makes an appearance. At the time, I didn’t know it was an Aerosmith riff. I just thought it was Eddie goofing around with his son. It wasn’t until I downloaded the band’s discography and took the time to check out all the bands 1970’s output that I discovered the actual source of the riff.


I guess that’s it for now. Tomorrow I finish up my Aerosmith section and Thursday we go in a completely different direction for a couple of days. Hopefully, you’ll join me.


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