Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods

So, there is a boil first advisory for much of the city and all the stores are wiped out of bottled water and I can’t get a cup of coffee. The apocalypse is upon us and we’re all gonna die!!!! What better soundtrack for the day than Sweden’s melodic death metal legends Amon Amarth ‘Deceiver if the Gods’ record to ride the afternoon out? It’s as good as any record I suppose.


Well if you read the last two Amon Amarth reviews, then you know that I’m just gonna bullshit my way through this one. I seriously don’t know how many times I’ve listened to this CD. I’m sure I have once or twice, but so far none of the tunes are ringing a bell with me. Great songs, I just don’t know them at all. So what the hell am I going to write about for the next half hour or so? Fucked if I know.


Fast forward a week later, I can drink my water again, I can get coffee and the apocalypse has been deferred a little bit longer. But don’t fret, it’s coming, I’m sure of it.


But I still don’t have much about this album. In fact, at one point I sat down today with the intention of taking all four of my Amon Amarth reviews and combining them into one. But as I started to try to trim them down and combine them, I realized three out of four of them were strong enough to be posted on their own. The only one that needed serious work was the one I’m working on right now.


My original stab at writing this review I ended up talking more about the GG Allin ‘Hated’ review that I posted a little bit ago. Since I grafted that info onto the post about that record, I realized I needed to completely rewrite this one.


But what the hell am I going to write about? The only thing I can come up with is that by listening to Amon Amarth over the last week, they have really piqued my interest in Norse Mythology and stories of the Vikings. So much so that I have been binge watching the TV show Vikings the last three days, (I’ve knocked off a season a night.) I’m researching video games based on the Vikings, and I’m looking at a few titles on Norse Mythology and Viking history online. I’ve even started writing a song that’s heavily influenced by the theme song for the Vikings TV show. I can trace my sudden interests in Vikings and everything that’s followed back to listen to this band a whole bunch suddenly. Now of course once I finish the last season of Vikings, complete this metal album I’m working on, and post my final Amon Amarth review and move on to the next band, my enthusiasm for all things Viking will more than likely subside. But as it is right now I’m having fun with it.


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