Anal Trump – That Makes Me Smart

So, I’m breaking from the normal format to cover a recent purchase that would have fallen a little earlier in this series, and that is the digital release ‘That Makes Me Smart’ by Anal Trump. A 30 track, three minute, grindcore extravaganza.


I first became aware of this “bands” existence yesterday when my cousin’s son posted the Bandcamp link on FB. I loved the name of the project, and after listening to about 10 songs (which took less than a minute) and saw some of the song titles, I was sold. I immediately went to the Bandcamp page and gave them two dollars for the digital download. If they hadn’t sold out of all their titles on vinyl I would have bought one of those too.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the sub-genre grindcore, it essentially a tiny burst of chaotic noise, in many cases programmed drums at insane BPM’s, fast simple riffs, and a little bit of growling or screaming that may or may not contain actual words. Usually, these songs are no more than a few seconds, minute tops. A lot of grindcore albums I’ve heard, usually there are goofy movie samples in between songs. It’s not a genre for everyone, and I’m not sure if I know a single person that takes the form seriously. It’s usually intended as a joke, that’s fun to make and fun to listen to for a minute or two. At least that’s my take on the genre.


For ‘That Makes Me Smart’ I have no idea if there are actual words being screamed during these songs. Most songs are a few seconds long and I can’t tell if they’re just saying the song titles or not. In some cases, it doesn’t sound like they’re saying anything. For this release, there are no samples in between songs. The song titles are simply quotes from Donald Trump or something he or his basket of deplorable’s might be known to say. I think they’re hilarious. Just look at the song titles and songs lengths:


  1. You Gotta Treat Em Like Shit 00:03
  2. PTSD Is Gay 00:03
  3. Some Mexicans Aren’t Rapists 00:06
  4. I Like The Soldiers Who DON’T Get Captured 00:05
  5. My Daughter Is A Piece Of Ass 00:05
  6. Poor People Are Too Stupid To Get A Loan From Their Parents 00:09
  7. There’s My African American! 00:13
  8. Blood Coming Out Of Her Wherever 00:03
  9. Mexican Judges Don’t Count 00:01
  10. Journalism Is Gay 00:06
  11. I’d Date My Daughter 00:05
  12. Grab Em By The Pussy 00:08
  13. Take His Coat 00:07
  14. Breast Feeding Is Gay 00:05
  15. Ted Nugent Is Cool 00:02
  16. Dave Mustaine Is Cool 00:03
  17. Trump Tower Has The Best Taco Bowls 00:07
  18. Poll Watcher 00:10
  19. Some Things Saddam Hussein Did Well 00:18
  20. Changing Diapers Is Gay 00:03
  21. Build That Wall 00:08
  22. Alex Jones Is Smart 00:05
  23. I’m In Astonishingly Excellent Health 00:09
  24. Stay In Your Pens 00:04
  25. 911 Was Inconvenient For Me, Personally 00:04
  26. Make America Great Again 00:03
  27. Nobody Respects Women More Than Me 00:01
  28. Harriet Tubman Is, Like, A 3 00:07
  29. I Demand An Apology! 00:03
  30. That Makes Me Smart! 00:06


In the time, it took me to copy and paste those songs titles, and clean up the spacing I have listened to the band’s entire catalog on Bandcamp, twice!


Judging by information provided on Bandcamp, I’m thinking ‘That Makes Me Smart’ was this band’s first release. They have since put out two more ‘To All the Broads I’ve Nailed Before’ and ‘If You Thought Six Million Jews Was A Lot Of People, You Should’ve Seen My Inauguration’. The latter two titles do use some of our tiny handed Cheeto in Chiefs quotes in between songs. Plus, there seems to be a somewhat of an evolution in the band’s sound, with each new release. I’m curious to see if they continue to progress and release new music throughout the year. As someone who has toyed with the grindcore genre, it doesn’t take a lot of work to produce one song. I’ve written, recorded and released entire EPs with videos in an afternoon. So, I’m curious to see how long they keep this up. If they will put new material every couple of months or not. I hope they do.


Now, who is Anal Trump? I did a little bit of digging and I found that it’s a side project of Joe Crow Ryan and Cattle Decapitations Travis Ryan. The project seems to be of satirical nature. But they are making a political statement and putting their dark humor to good causes. For the second release ‘To All The Broads I’ve Nailed Before’, all the proceeds go toward Planned Parenthood, and their most recent release ‘If You Thought Six Million Jews Was A Lot Of People, You Should’ve Seen My Inauguration’ proceeds going toward the ACLU. Now that I know that, I may have to go ahead and buy the digital copies of both those records, sadly the physical presses have already sold out.


So, if you’re interested in some silly short bursts of noise, think our president in an asswipe, and want to help support two organizations that help millions of people that are under attack, head over to Anal Trumps Bandcamp page and throw em’ a few bucks. Totally worth it in my opinion.


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