Chet Atkins/Les Paul – Chester and Lester

(Warning: another phoned in post that shouldn’t reflect on the amazingness of the record being discussed.)

So, I’m not sure where this is going to go today. I’ve drunk half of my coffee, and yet the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet. So I’m just sort of sitting here staring at the screen wondering what I’m going to say about this record. That record being Chet Atkins and Les Paul’s 1976 collaboration ‘Chester and Lester’. I fantastic record featuring two world class guitarists. You don’t get much better than these two guys.

As I mentioned yesterday, I wasn’t much of a Chet Atkins fan most of my life. I was aware that he was an amazing guitarist in his field. But as you know, I’ve identified as a metal head and classic rock fan most my life. I recognize great players when I heard them, but I just didn’t spend much time with bluegrass and country most my life. Therefore, Chet Atkins has remained in my periphery most my life. Les Paul has a similar story for me. I first heard of him in 1988 or 1989 when HBO did a special on him. It showcased Paul jamming with many contemporary guitarists and was mind blowing to a 14 year Dave. But aside from that I never pursued his music. But I alway held both guitarists in high regard, even if I didn’t listen to their music.

I first became aware of this record existence in 2010 or 2011 when I first started subscribing to Netflix. There was this excellent documentary on Les Paul and they mentioned this record. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it.

According to Chet Atkins, he had convinced Les Paul to come out of retirement to do this one record with him. So Les traveled to wherever the studio was and the two of them with the band set up and did a full day of rehearsals, which were recorded. At the end of the day, Les announced he was going home and whatever they had recorded that day was the record.

The result being a loose laid back record with a bit of banter between Atkins and Paul. It sounds more like a jam session than a recording session, what it essentially is. You can tell the two of them were having fun playing together. Throughout the songs the two guitarist are cracking jokes, teasing each other while trading guitar licks. In between songs you can hear the musicians laughing. I imagine this was a fun day in the studio for everyone one involved.

So that is it for this record. As I’ve said, I’m not feeling this whole writing thing this morning. I’m test driving Google docs this month to see whether I want to renew my subscription to Microsoft Office or not. If I can get everything I need out of Google docs, I might just stick with that. Anyway, I mention it because there is a plugin in Docs that analyzes your document and helps you fix your grammar and sentence structures. It also rates how readable and at what grade level your writing is. According to GradeProofs metrics, this document is at a 64% readability percentage and is written at 8th grade level. So it’s not my best effort.

I’ll leave you with that.


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